Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Day At The Zoo

The weather was beautiful today so we decided to spend the day at the Dallas Zoo. Had we known prior to packing up and heading out that everyone else in the Dallas area had the same idea, we probably would have opted to do something different.

It was gorgeous outside. I would guess the temperature reached the mid 70's. To some that may seem hot. But come on. Those of us who live in Texas live with much hotter temperatures than that. I understand it was great weather for sundresses, tank tops, shorts and capris. I've already mentioned to you that I am fat. I hate looking at my fat jiggly skin so I understand others don't want to look at it either....

To the girl in the hot pink tank top and hoochie shorts - No one wants to look at the cellulite on your butt cheeks. When I saw you today, I am quite sure I threw up a bit in my mouth. Your 8 yr old sister told me she wants her clothes back. Your memory will haunt me for days. Please be tasteful and cover it up! I'm only guessing that you are a size 22, possibly a 24. There is no need for you to wear those itty-bitty shorts and extra low tank top. Thanks to you, when we got home I had to explain to my son what a camel toe is.

I guess because I'm fat I tend to judge other fat people. When I see healthy women or skinny women, I just envy them. But the big girls get the real criticism. If your overweight, you know you are. There's no need to pretend otherwise. For gods sake, please be tasteful and cover it up. I've never understood why sexy, skin showing, skimpy clothing is available in plus sizes. Lingerie is fine- its between you and your partner. But no one wants to see a bunch of fat jiggling around.

This leads me to my next thought. My husband took a picture of me at the zoo. I know I'm fat, but I never realized it was this bad:

Seriously? Why would my hubby ever let me leave the house in a sleeveless shirt? Do you know what he said to me when I asked him how I looked? He said " Honey, you look so sexy. No really, you look great, those jeans look really good on you". LIAR!! I look like a pregnant linebacker.

I had a great time today. But you wouldn't tell by this picture:

This may look like a miniature gorilla, but don't let the photo fool you. He's actually 450lbs and he's got nothing on me. Ha! Okay, not really, I'm big but I' m not there yet. I believe there is always a positive outcome from a negative situation. So in this case, I took horrible pictures, because I'm disgustingly fat. The positive? These make great motivation pictures and the first is a great "before" photo. Now, if I can ever get to the point to take an "after" photo.

It gets worse. If you click on the photo, it will enlarge it and everything in the photo. I will leave it so everyone understands why fat girls should not wear skin revealing clothing.


Foxxfire said...

You are not that big. You're beautiful! You just need to let yourself believe it! Why spend time worrying about your weight when you can spend that time enjoying your son(and it's apparent that you do) and other things that you love! Live life girl!


~Shelley~ said...

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself :( You are gorgeous!!!

purseblogger said...

I echo what the girls above said. You are beautiful and I've been laughing ever since I started reading your blog. You are hilarious! So glad I found you through Friday Follow. :)

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